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Basic Life Support for HealthCare Providers

This Course is designed to train Healthcare Providers in high quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). BLS students will learn rescue techniques for Adult, Children and Infants.


* 1 Rescuer Adult BLS

* AED and BVM

* 2 Rescuer Adult BLS

* Team Dymanics

* Child BLS

* Infant BLS

* Adult and Child Choking

* Infant Choking   


HeartSaver CPR AED 

This course is designed for anyone with little to no medical training. The skills learned in this course will help students recognize cardiac arrest and get emergency care on the way quickly.


* Adult CPR and AED use

* Opioid associated Life threatening emergencies

* Adult Choking

* Child CPR and AED use

* Child Choking

* Infant CPR

* Infant Choking

First Aid 


This course gives you key steps for Basic First Aid. Recognizing a potential medical emergency. 

Basic First Aid

* Duties, rols and responsibilities of the First Aid rescuer

* Scene safety

* Phoning for help

* Finding the problem (and more)

Medical Emergencies

* Assembling and using an Epipen and Inhailer

* Choking Adult, Child and Infant

* Diabetes and low blood sugar

* Stroke (and more)

Injury Emergencies

* External bleeding

* Amputation

* Broken bones and sprains

* Burns (and more)

Environmental Emergencies

* Bites and stings

* Temperature related emergencies

* Poison emergencies

HeartCode Blended Learning


HeartCode is a self directed elearning that teaches students BLS knowledge. After completion of the online portion, students attend a structured Hands-On session focused of skills practice.

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